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Private ASD & ADHD Assessment & Diagnosis

Chartered Psychologist Dr Miriam Mavia-Zajac

At Neurodiverse You, we believe every individual's journey through life is as unique as their fingerprint, especially when it involves navigating the complexities of neurodiversity.


Our dedicated team of experts specializes in comprehensive, tailored assessments and diagnoses for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But we're more than just a diagnostic service.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is underscored by our use of gold standard assessment tools like ADOS-2, ADI-R, and DIVA-5. These tools reflect our dedication to providing the most accurate and effective assessments, enhancing the lives of those with neurodiverse conditions. We are committed to celebrating and nurturing the neurodiversity in each individual, helping them to thrive in all aspects of life.

Welcome to Neurodiverse You


  • Immediate Availability - No Queues
    Say goodbye to long wait times for ASD, AuADHD, ADHD Assessment & Diagnosis! Our efficient scheduling ensures that you receive the support and understanding you need when you need it.


  • Personalised Care 
    Each assessment is as unique as you are. Our team of chartered psychologists and consultants are dedicated to providing a deep and nuanced understanding of your neurodiverse profile.


  • Expertise and Compassion
    With years of specialised experience, our team approaches each assessment with the sensitivity and thoroughness it deserves, empowering you with knowledge and actionable insights.

Doctor with Files
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Discovering your place on the spectrum or understanding your ADHD is not just about coping—it's about thriving. Whether you're seeking clarity on your own or as a family, we’re here to provide the insights and strategies you need to navigate life more effectively.

Ready to embrace your unique journey? Contact us today to schedule your first step toward personal discovery and tailored strategies that illuminate your path forward.


Immediate Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Uniquely You: In-depth and Personalised ASD Assessment


ASD Assessor
Immediate Assessment & Testing for ADHD

Gain Clarity in Complexity: Tailored ADHD Assessments for you


ADHD Assessor
Dual ASD & ADHD Testing (AuADHD)

Uniquely You: In-depth and Personalised ASD Assessment


Say goodbye to long wait times

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